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What’s Our Story?

Start with Why

We believe every organization has stories that create introductions, build trust and ultimately, drive revenue. We help our clients reach their target audience through compelling video stories with messaging that is strategic, thoughtful and targeted. Video production doesn't have to be expensive, but when it comes to bringing your brand stories to life we don't believe in cutting corners.

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Our team is passionate about helping our clients reach their goals with documentary-style stories colored with captivating visuals.
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Meet the Team

ed heil
Ed Heil

CEO / President

Kathy Heil


Jennifer Bergner

Video Producer

steve mulholland
Steve Mulholland

Director of Multimedia

Michelle Barclay

Human Resources

Robin Faust


A Culture Built on Core Values

Our culture is not built on foosball tables, company ping pong tournaments and team happy hours. We lean heavily on our Core Values to help us hire the right people, avoid dysfunctional culture and ultimately grow as a team. The right people for StoryTeller are hardwired for these core values and we celebrate each one equally.

Problem Solver

We thrive on solving problems. Everything from our client’s sales and marketing roadblocks to internal process issues. Tenacity and persistent problem solving pay off in our culture.

Driven to Mastery

If you think you know all there is to know, you’re not the right fit for us. We subscribe to the belief that if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. When you’re driven to mastery, all things are possible. Grow with us, we’ll all reach amazing heights.

Lockdown Reliable

At the heart of trust is reliability. When you’re lockdown reliable, you will not let people down. You hit deadlines, you do what you commit to, and in the cases something goes awry, you become a problem solver to get shit done. 

Get Shit Done

People who get shit done typically do so in all aspects of life. We work really hard, because it’s part of our DNA and we’re totally accountable. People that thrive in our culture get tremendous satisfaction from getting shit done every single day. 

Inspire by Example

Let your life be an example for all to see, not just when you’re at work, but in all aspects of your life. We admire people who approach life with a positive attitude, treat others with kindness and inspire others with their outstanding character.

With core values like this, two things happen: outstanding culture becomes an outcome and when there’s a “culture miss”, everyone knows it. For what it’s worth, we like happy hours too. Learn more about our core values here.

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