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4 Tips For Finding Talent Using Inbound Recruiting and Hiring

If you’re like many companies and organizations over the last year, you’ve been struggling to secure the talent you need to run your operations. The best candidates know they’re in top demand and even those who are happily employed are likely assessing competing opportunities at a higher wage or to achieve the next step in their careers. Instead of throwing your hands in the air and wondering, “What can be done?”, business owners should be putting on their marketing hats when thinking about their recruiting and retention strategies. 

Too often, companies simply post a job description, hope the right applicants apply, and then make a decision based on the candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring. Does this ring any bells? This is the way companies used to try to secure prospects and customers.

Nowadays, we know better! Instead of pushing your marketing messages out into the ether, you know that creating engaging content and cultivating relationships online causes the customers you want to come to you. As a result, everyone is happier! (Ah, the magic of inbound marketing.) 


You can - and should - be thinking about your recruiting strategy the same way you think about your marketing strategy. Instead of customers, your goal here is to help the most qualified candidates find you and to provide them with the information they need to self-screen their fit within your organization.

Do they share your values? Can they see themselves thriving in your culture? Is the role in line with their career aspirations? Creating resources to help them answer these questions will save everyone involved time and money.

The importance of having a rich library of online resources can’t be overstated. The internet has transformed into a world where video content is king. Videos, like explainer videos, present tangible information clearly and quickly, while also offering more intangible elements as well. Each detail, like the music, colors, script, etc., signals to potential candidates what your company is looking for in a good employee

Inbound recruiting isn’t a short-term game. It’s a long-term one. But finding and keeping talented employees is likely what will lead to your business’s success, so it's worth the investment.


Any piece of content represents an opportunity to speak to your ideal buyer, or in this case, your ideal candidate. Make it clear what success looks like. For example, if you’re creating a culture video, it should resonate with the type of talent you’re hoping to attract. Whether they apply to a job position tomorrow or two years from now, the culture video should make them feel like, “Hey, I can see myself working there.”

Whether you share content on social media, through email marketing campaigns, or simply on your website, always keep the persona you’re speaking to at the top of your mind. Need help creating a persona? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our tool for creating customer personas here. 


Candidates today might be hesitant about the time and energy of applying to a position in your company if they’ve never heard of you before. By having many opportunities to find you and understand your business through checking out ebooks, blogs, and videos you’ve created, your candidates can start building a relationship with you even if they’re not ready to apply (yet). 

Creating engaging educational content might take the form of videos from experts in your field, webinars with industry leaders, or sharing industry news. People want to work with thought leaders. Whatever you make, your content should show your knowledge and acknowledge your approach.


Going through a job application process is often a slog. From the moment you view a job description, start assembling a cover letter, resume, etc., there are many points along the process where a candidate might decide they don’t want to proceed. Your job is to make sure they want to submit that final application!

As with nurturing a buyer, this is where email marketing can play a huge role. Once you know a candidate is interested, keep sharing relevant resources, send a personalized video introducing yourself and/or other current team members to keep them engaged. Inbound marketing has fundamentally changed the way that we acquire customers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has other applications. Inbound recruiting is a developing area, but if you give it enough attention, you should be able to reap the rewards.


Once your new inbound recruiting process is underway, you’ll immediately start gathering new insights and data points. Use that information to shape your strategy, hone your personas, build out content, and tailor your emails so that you’re getting straight to the candidates your organization needs. As with anything new, new hiring processes take iterating and updating, but we assure you that an investment in your inbound recruiting process is a solid investment in the future of your company!

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