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Corporate Video Services: The Best Videos to Create to Meet Your Goals

If you're thinking about producing a corporate video, you're in good company. According to HubSpot's State of Inbound Report, marketers are paying more attention to video’s global appeal, with 48% planning on investing in YouTube and 39% looking to add Facebook video to their strategy. That shouldn't surprise you since it seems like video is on everybody's wish list. But what kind of video? There are so many options for corporate video services, so how do you know where to start?

Before you embark on a video project, it's important to know what kinds of video you can create. We've compiled a huge resource of marketing video examples that businesses create for internal communication, training, and marketing. But if you are just looking for an overview, we've got the basics below.

1. Company Overview Videos

The about us or culture video is the mainstay of corporate video production, it's a deep dive into your company or organization. Company overview videos tell the whole story at a high level, so they're generally around 2-3 minutes long. These are an ideal way to show off your product, your history, and your team to prospective customers and even future employees.

PRO TIP: To get more bang for your buck, try editing your video into smaller segments to be used on Facebook, landing pages, and email signatures.


2. Brand Videos

These can be shorter. Often set to music, they may have a more promotional or commercial feel. Where an about us video tries to tell the whole story or give people a virtual tour, a brand video just tries to get them in the front door.

Brand videos are meant purely for awareness, which is why the place you've probably seen these videos most is your Facebook Newsfeed. These short, catchy videos are the perfect way to grab the attention of your viewers long enough to get them interested in your product or service.

3. Product Announcements

Nothing is better for show-and-tell than a video. And nothing needs show-and-tell more than a new product announcement.

Think about how hard it is to describe most new products in a press release, and then think about how much easier is to simply demonstrate it. No flowery descriptions necessary, because the audience can see it — in action — with their own eyes.

4. Explainer Videos

Much like a new product announcement, explainer videos are ideal for startups or companies with complex services. These videos match music and narration with whiteboard animation or graphics to explain what a company does. You're trying to explain a concept, how a process works, or how to use a website, so the script is crucial — then the graphics bring it to life

5. Demonstration Videos

Similar to an explainer video, but the demo is a sales tool. It can either be part of your live demo (think video on an iPad) or tape your full demonstration as a substitute for a live demo. If the prospect is across the country, send them the video. And if you finish a demo and your prospect still needs to bring in another decision-maker, give them the demo video. 


5. Customer Testimonial Videos

Nothing is as compelling as an honest testimonial. But written testimonials often come across as obligatory, not fully trustworthy. That all changes when the testimonial is on video. You really can't lie to the camera. When prospects get a chance to see how real people feel about your product — and get a chance to measure their honesty with their own eyes and ears — it can be a game changer. Feature your most successful customers — the same folks you'd feature in a dry case study — and distribute the content as a video case study. You'll be surprised by the results.


Different types of videos each serve a different purpose. It's important to consider what type of video you want to create before you decide what type of corporate video services you are looking for so that when you decide, you can choose a company with that skill set in mind.

Editors Note: This blog was originally published on October 13, 2016 but was updated on December 13, 2017.

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