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inspirational videos

3 of Our Favorite Examples of Inspirational Videos

No matter where you’re from, there is one thing we all share in common: The love of great stories. At StoryTeller, our job is to find inspiring,...

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The Effects of Video Length: How Long Should My Videos Be?

During most video planning sessions, this question will pop up at least a few times: How long should the video be? And while there is no right or...

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Recruitment Video Practices for Hiring the Best Team

Finding the right person for your company is getting more and more difficult. Not only does the candidate need to have the appropriate skill set that...

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About Us Video: The Do's and Don'ts To Make One That Works

Whether you call it an "about us" video, a "culture" video, or even an "intro" video, the goal is the same — tell your story. In fact, an "about us"...

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How to Use Video Throughout the Candidate Experience

Webster defines Human Resources as one of the toughest jobs known to everyone who has ever been in the workforce. I didn't make that up. (I have a...

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Tips and Tricks for Capturing a Compelling Live Event Recap Video

Big events are a big deal. You spend months planning, pick the right venue, organize the perfect program, and stress out about all the little...

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Making Video Accessible for Your Club (Jason Hsaio)

Feeling like you're always one step behind in your marketing efforts? If you're a club marketer, you’re probably nodding your head. It’s a perpetual...

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Producer's Secrets: The 5 Best Ways to Start Videos

So, I recently wrote a blog about opening your video with your logo and I may or may not have ruffled some feathers. If you missed it, here it is....

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Specialized Marketing Agencies and the Myth of the Full-Service Agency

Imagine you have a concern about your heart. You visit your regular doctor, they perform a few quick tests, offer some general advice, and then refer...

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Creating a Video Strategy to Grow Club Revenue and Reduce Expenses

Look around online and it’s hard not to find video. From social media feeds to websites, video is everywhere. Yet it’s not enough to produce one...

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Stop! Why Your Video Intro Should NOT Start With A Logo

Branding and logos are important. I get it. I recognize many brands solely based on their logo... Under Armour, Dairy Queen, Facebook. And yes, I...

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Marketing Made: Using Manufacturing Videos to Drive More Business

These days, it's hard to read about marketing without hearing about video . It's become the go-to tool for most digital marketers, and for good...

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Video for Sales: 7 Effective Ways to Close the Deal

When it comes to business, the only thing that ultimately matters is whether or not you can close deals and customers. You can have the best...

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Video Storytelling Creates Connections for Private Clubs

If you ask a private club marketer where their best prospects come from, chances are they will tell you from referrals. You know, word of mouth...

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A Beginner's Guide to Video Production Terms

Editor's Note: This post was been updated for accuracy and relevance in September 2023 We video production professionals like to feel as though we're...

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Social Media Advertising: Optimizing Your Video for Facebook Ads

With more than a billion active users, the sheer size of Facebook makes marketers salivate. Take that audience, combine it with advanced user...

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Creating a Successful Video Production Timeline From Start to Finish

Editor's Note: This blog post was updated for clarity and accuracy on September 18, 2023. Producing a video as part of your company’s video marketing...

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Make the Leap Into Business Video

I’m a '80s music fan. The loud guitars, big hair, and over the top antics — I love it all. So, when I started thinking about making the leap into...

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